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Take the Call

Take the Call!


“I will always give you the opportunity to say no” is a phrase I have found myself sharing more and more frequently with candidates. Right now, there is no hiding that we are in a candidate driven market within the HVAC industry. Personally, I have never had a more diverse and deeper portfolio of leadership and sales opportunities than what we see today.

With this being the case, you may find yourself being approached more often by recruiters and hiring authorities. My suggestion, as a successful partner in this industry, is to ALWAYS take the call. While the new job may not be the right fit at the time of the call, it might be the perfect fit at some point in the future. It may be an opportunity to “weigh” your skills on what the market is paying, learn what your competition is doing, and most importantly it’s an opportunity to create a relationship for the future.

In all my years of recruiting, from executives to technicians and everywhere in between, there is one theme that always rings true. Look when you are happy, look when things are okay, because that is when you can truly identify growth and opportunity vs. a lifeline while on a sinking ship.

Hopefully, as you read this you are happy, healthy, enjoying your role and company, and moving forward professionally. Maybe you subscribe to the adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I challenge that wholeheartedly, as I truly don’t believe you can make that assessment in a vacuum.

So, take the call, hear someone out, learn something, and form a relationship. While we will be here for you, regardless of circumstances, I would much rather help someone realize they are in the best position possible already, then tell someone they should have looked 6 months ago.


Sean Bayless