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Growing Partnerships

Propelling Futures

Growing Partnerships

Propelling Futures


We are a talent management and organizational development consultancy that serves the energy services industry. We work hard to understand the unique challenges of small-to-medium sized businesses in light of our deep knowledge and experience in the industry. We create tailor-made solutions that propel leadership and organizational growth. Leaders partner with Spherical to get to the root causes of those challenges, to address them together, and to make break-through changes.

Our areas of expertise offers assessment in the following areas:

  • Executive Partnership
  • Leadership Profiling Design and Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Team Optimization
  • Compensation and Incentive Plan Research and Review
  • Public Speaking Engagements
  • Professional Development
  • Selective of Potential Acquisition Target Consultation
  • Mediation / Conflict Resolution
  • Human Resources Consultation




Ask Incisively. Connect Authentically. Solve Collaboratively.

Team Biographies

Dr. Dave NeiKamp, Psy.D, Organizational Development Psychologist

For over 20 years Dr. NieKamp has provided psychological services to organizations and team members. Dr. NieKamp combines corporate culture and business strategies with psychological profiling to improve the team dynamics and strengthen the overall organization. Executive leaders utilize his consultative solutions to mitigate risk, improve performance, and effectively train team members for professional growth.

Jess Galle, Director of Energy Solutions

Jess has an extensive background in Energy Services managing client’s needs for market intelligence, talent assessments, compensation structures, organizational development, across multiple sub-segments including Performance Contracting, Engineering, Facilities Management, Demand Response, and Building Automation.

Jeannine Szostak, MSEd (x2), MS, Senior Candidate Analyst

Jeannine joined the team two years ago and brings with her a diverse range of experience, including working directly with federal, state and local government units, managing teams of professionals, and conducting talent searches, investigations and mediations in human resources.  She works with the latest technology to reach out to outstanding talent and aid the team in being as efficient as possible.

Dr. Bob Watson, Psy.D, Consulting Psychologist

With more than 25 years of experience as a consultant, coach, mentor, professor of psychology, and practicing psychologist, Dr. Watson is continually developing his talent to understand and intervene effectively in organizations and other human systems. He is passionate about helping leaders develop excellent interpersonal and problem-solving skills to strengthen their business acumen and skill sets, having served individuals and teams in organizational, educational, and healthcare contexts.

Craig Copper, Vice President of Operations

Craig’s experience encompasses multiple industries including manufacturing, chemicals, energy, and healthcare as a Human Resources professional. Prior to Spherical Consulting, Craig was the Vice President of Human Resources for a large Catholic Hospital Network for 18 years. Craig brings extensive experience in organizational training and development, talent assessment, and leadership development. Craig experience encompasses the United States, Canada, and Mexico.


“Dr. Dave’s unique and powerful understanding of leadership, organizations and their inherent systems will help your company transform information into meaningful action.  His perspective on how complimentary personality structures create productive and interactive leadership teams has been insightful and powerful, setting his Triad Team Leadership Model apart from others in the market.”

~Joe Slawek, Chairman and CEO – Flavors of North America (FONA)

“I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge how insightful our conversations have been with you over the past several months. While always skeptical about engaging business consultants, I was at ease with you upon our first conversation. Having faith is important to me and to our company, and you being able to verbalize how your faith is woven into your consultancy made a positive impact on me. I made a rather uncharacteristic fast decision to engage your services as a result. For me, quick decision making is usually a result of sensing sincerity and authenticity. We see so much phoniness every day so it is truly refreshing to engage with sincere and trusted business advisors. I have come to understand through our conversations, and subsequent advice given, that you are truly authentic.

On a side note, I firmly believe your advice has been instrumental in assisting me to enhance not only business relationships, but also relationships with my family and friends. On several occasions, I have utilized your advice to build more communicative relationships. There have been several awesome conversations where I have just smiled to myself and thought how grateful I was to have been given the chance to utilize the ideas and bits of advice I have been given from our work together. I appreciate your candor, sense of humor, faith, and friendship!

Thank you for everything Dr. Dave, and best wishes to you and your family.”

~Nick Melloh, CEO – Johnson Melloh Solutions

“Over the past 11 years, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working closely with Michael Nenni and Dr. David NieKamp and can honestly say that their approach is very unique.  Through end to end business coaching, which includes a comprehensive, strategic analysis of the client’s: Leadership Team; Culture; Organizational and Talent Development Objectives; and Business Growth Goals the Nenni team delivers un-paralleled, long-term, High-ROI personnel solutions.”

~Robert Grossman, Executive VP of Sales – Kornit Digital

It is important to have trusted advisors in your corner to navigate the ups and downs of doing business.  It is especially important to have people that not only understand business, but also how personal relationships inherent in family-owned businesses can impact the success or failure of your organization.  Dr. Dave and his team know both.  When considering how you might take your family-owned business to the next levels, you would do well to look at what Dr. Dave’s unique and powerful insights can do for your organization.”

~Mike Mendel, CEO – Mendel Plumbing and Heating

“I have known Michael and his team for many years and in my opinion they set the bar for executive placement firms.  Michael is always available whether I am looking to fill a position or just in need of advice.  The most difficult facet of hiring team members is separating the resume from the person to determine the best fit for the position and culture of the team.  The recent addition of Dr. Dave to Nenni and Associates proves their desire to not just place an employee but help their clients build a successful organization.  Dr. Dave and Michael have used their assessments and innovative methods to assist our team in building a staffing plan that I am confident is far superior to the traditional approach we would have otherwise taken.  Their influence has already had a positive effect on our business and in 2 – 3 years will be the model that leads the ESCO and building contractor industry.”

~Chadd Currier, Director – Performance Solutions

“I have served on a board with David, been part of a men’s forum with him and also have had him come present to another group. David is a very caring, thoughtful individual who takes the time to understand others and how they interact. His presentations bring insights into how personality styles and context affect leadership. He does a good job of showing why a mix of styles is needed especially for organizations looking to transform themselves as they pivot from one level to the next and address leadership dynamics that are holding them back.”

~Jon Paul, CEO – Value Added Finance Resources


Previous Speaking Engagements

  • Harvard Business School Club of Chicago, March 2017
    • Wharton Business School Club of Chicago
      • Triad Team leadership
  •  Pinnacle Forum National Conference, October 2017
    • Triad Team leadership
  • Kishwaukee Community College: Keynote speaker, August 2018
    • Productive Conflict in the workplace
  • Kishwaukee Community College: Guest Lecturer, Ongoing
    • Business School
  • Whittmore-Prescott School district: leadership training, August 2018
    • Achieving quality together
  • University of Chicago: Booth School of Business, September 2018
    • Entrepreneurial Roundtable
      • Triad Team Leadership


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