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Professional Search

Nenni & Associates Offers Professional Search

As a leader, hiring the right team members is critical to a successful business. The ability to meet goals and objectives directly hinges upon the professionals who are hired. 

Identifying qualified candidates is challenging. Partnering with Nenni & Associates allows you to gain access to top-tier candidates within the Energy Services Industry. We collaborate with our clients to identify and hire sales, engineering, and operations talent across all levels, including entry-level up to the vice president, and executives. 

Ultimately, Nenni & Associates wants to save you time and provide access to a candidate pool that you wouldn’t normally evaluate. However, we don’t stop there – our goal is to provide an in-depth qualification process, so you are only evaluating candidates who fit the desired skill set, are at the appropriate experience level, and fit culturally within your company.  

Through our Professional Search Services, Nenni & Associates uses the following guidelines when seeking the right candidates: 

  • Qualified to meet the primary responsibilities of the position
  • Current location is appropriate 
  • Relocation and/or travel expectations are acceptable 
  • Compensation is aligned according to experience and qualifications
  • Candidate’s motivation for leaving aligns with the career opportunity they are pursuing 
  • Experienced in the proper vertical markets
  • Awareness of non-compete or non-solicit documents 


At Nenni and Associates, we strive to be Industry Subject Matter Experts within all major sub-segments, including:

  • Building Automation Systems and Controls
  • Design/Build Contracting
  • HVAC & Mechanical Service
  • Performance Contracting (ESPC) and Comprehensive Solutions
  • Solar/Renewable Energy
  • Water/Wastewater
  • Energy Analytics/SaaS/Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Lighting & Lighting Retrofit
  • Energy as a Service (Eaas)
  • Commercial Roofing

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