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The Announcement of Three Managing Partners

Nenni & Associates Announces Three New Managing Partners Nenni & Associates is pleased to announce the appointments of Sean Bayless, Corey Kravitz, and Jim Schafer to key positions in our leadership team designated specifically to promote growth for Executive Search and Consulting services.  The strategic promotion of these key leaders is ...read more

Don’t Leave Your Resume On Ice

  Skating past the screeners - When applying for opportunities, be mindful companies are likely using a screener to review resumes.  Whether this screener is a computer program, an individual or a search committee, chances are, they will be looking for key words and may reject your resume simply because those ...read more

What’s Your Why?

    As a recruiter and client manager, I am often challenged with the “why”. Why work with you and the Nenni team? I could go on about our database of industry professionals, our participation in industry organizations and strategic partnerships, our multi-pronged outreach approach and more. I would be happy to tell ...read more

Customizing Your Resume for Success

Customizing Your Resume for Success   If you’re active in the job market, applying for positions can be an exhausting process. It is far too often that we hear the phrase “I applied, but never heard back”. If you’ve ever fallen victim to this narrative, your resume was almost certainly glanced at ...read more


Nenni & Associates will be attending the NALMCO Annual Convention and Trade Show next week in Minneapolis. Get in touch with Jim Schafer or Ryan McGushin to schedule a meeting.

When You Believe You Achieve

When you believe you achieve The importance of knowing how you make decisions As a psychologist and corporate consultant for more than 20 years, I have had numerous opportunities to work with all levels of organizations.  Every business unit of any company has various roles, titles and hierarchies:  and decision makers. The ...read more

Speed to Hire

  Let’s chat, Speed to Hire!   Hiring processes in the United States have changed dramatically over the years. In the past, we were accustomed to seeing lengthy vetting and decision-making processes that often lasted months to “assure a good fit”. A “good fit” is always the goal, but it is important to ...read more

What is Your Recruiting “Micro-Brand”?

What is your Recruiting “Micro-Brand”? I HATE the saying “people don’t leave jobs, they leave managers”. Not because I don’t believe it to be true, in fact I can honestly agree with it in most cases. The reason I hate this statement is the fact that it’s a justification, an oversimplification ...read more

Why are you looking to leave?

Why are you looking to leave? If you’ve ever interviewed for a new position, you’ve undoubtedly been asked this question. It may come in various forms and tonalities depending on the interviewer, but you can count on this question being asked at some point in the interview process. As Executive Recruiters, ...read more