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Case Studies

Venture Capital Firm Seeks CEO

Recently, through an industry relationship with an M&A Financial Advisory Firm, Nenni & Associates was introduced to an established Venture Capital Firm. The Capital Firm has a strong track record of investing in businesses from multiple industries and engaged Nenni & Associates, specifically Jim Schafer, Managing Partner at Nenni, and ...read more

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer – Energy Retrofit Company

An established Energy Retrofit Company recently sought the assistance of Ryan McGushin, Account Executive at Nenni & Associates, to conduct an executive search for the purpose of identifying a Chief Sales & Marketing Officer. The role that the Energy Retrofit Company needed to fulfill, required an extensive background in sales ...read more

Chief Financial Officer Search – Emerging Energy Finance Company

Recently, an emerging Energy Finance Company sought the assistance of Nenni & Associates and Jim Schafer to identify a Chief Financial Officer. Partnering with Energy Service Companies across the country, this role required a seasoned executive with a deep knowledge of the Energy Services Industry, as our client sought to ...read more