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Case Studies

Vice President – Energy Services

At a recent National Trade Show, Nenni & Associates engaged with a leader in the Energy Services Industry, thanks to a connection through a current Nenni employee. This connection led to a partnership between the Multidiscipline General Contractor and Nenni & Associates for the purpose of performing an Executive search ...read more

Chief Operating Officer – Regional Energy Services

Through an existing client relationship, Nenni & Associates recently partnered with a Regional Energy Services Company that desired to scale their business. They currently serve four to five servicing states and intend to grow nationally. Nenni’s BTG team, Trevor Morrison, Sam Swafford, and Sean Bayless worked together to perform a ...read more

Executive Vice President – Regional Energy Service

When a Regional Energy Services Company approached Nenni & Associates with an opportunity to execute a search for an Executive Vice President position at their company, our BTG team, including Trevor Morrison, Sam Swafford, and Sean Bayless, were happy to accept the challenge. The purpose of the search was to ...read more

Venture Capital Firm Seeks CEO

Recently, through an industry relationship with an M&A Financial Advisory Firm, Nenni & Associates was introduced to an established Venture Capital Firm. The Capital Firm has a strong track record of investing in businesses from multiple industries and engaged Nenni & Associates, specifically Jim Schafer, Managing Partner at Nenni, and ...read more

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer – Energy Retrofit Company

An established Energy Retrofit Company recently sought the assistance of Ryan McGushin, Account Executive at Nenni & Associates, to conduct an executive search for the purpose of identifying a Chief Sales & Marketing Officer. The role that the Energy Retrofit Company needed to fulfill, required an extensive background in sales ...read more

Chief Financial Officer Search – Emerging Energy Finance Company

Recently, an emerging Energy Finance Company sought the assistance of Nenni & Associates and Jim Schafer to identify a Chief Financial Officer. Partnering with Energy Service Companies across the country, this role required a seasoned executive with a deep knowledge of the Energy Services Industry, as our client sought to ...read more