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Consulting – Successful M&A Targeting

In 2018, an Energy Services Business, which was also attached to a Mechanical Contractor, partnered with Nenni and Associates and Ryan McGushin for the purpose of identifying a company that would be an appropriate fit for the acquisition of the Energy Services Business division. As a profitable, family-owned Mechanical Construction Contractor business that was growing rapidly, the client felt that selling the Energy Services division would relieve leadership of the stress that rapid growth can cause, and also allow the company to focus on its core business of Mechanical Contracting. It was imperative that Ryan provide an introduction between the client and a company that understood the importance of retaining key employees and customers.

As a result of the introduction, valuation analysis, and negotiations, our client felt comfortable with the private equity firm that was prepared to acquire the Energy Services Business. Ultimately, both companies shared the same vision, and our client felt the acquiring company maintained high-quality leaders, as well as a healthy and thriving culture in the industry. The acquiring firm also understood the importance of retaining key employees and customers throughout the transaction and into the future, which was critical to our client. After a deal was negotiated that satisfied both sides, due diligence tasks were completed, and both the client and the acquiring company were confident in their decisions and the end result. Our client could now focus on the core of their business and the acquiring company was able to expand its National Energy Services Operations.

Ryan McGushin, Senior Account Executive - Team Lead

Ryan McGushin, Senior Account Executive – Team Lead

Ryan McGushin has been with Nenni and Associates since February of 2013. As an Account Executive for Lighting and Energy Solutions, he focuses on talent acquisition, business development, and networking primarily in that area.

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