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Desgin Build Contractor

Director of Integration (M&A) Design Build Contractor

After receiving a lead from a previous candidate, the team of Sean Bayless, Managing Partner, and Trevor Morrison, Account Executive and Team Lead of Nenni & Associates, began an Executive search to fulfill the role of Director of Integration for a Design-Build Services Contractor.

The result was two finalists that were finally narrowed to one. The top finalist was a great cultural fit and excelled in their capability. They were also confident in their ability to solve unknown problems and motivate individuals behind a united and centralized message. All of these qualities compelled the decision-making team to extend an offer.

The candidate accepted since the private equity involvement proved that the contractor required his skill sets.


Sean Bayless is a Managing Partner for Nenni and Associates, where he leads business development and talent evaluation services in all areas of the HVAC market. An experienced senior manager, Sean is responsible for managing key relationships with HVAC Manufacturers and Mechanical Contractors.

Trevor Morrison has been with Nenni and Associates since May 2013. As an Energy Services Account Executive, he manages and develops a client base in the energy solutions and sustainable infrastructure industries.

Sean Bayless, Managing Partner

Sean Bayless, Managing Partner

Supporting Team

  • Sean BaylessManaging Partner

  • Trevor MorrisonSenior Account Executive – Team Lead