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VP of Construction – Mechanical Contractor

Thanks to a lead from a previous candidate that Nenni & Associates worked with, the Sean Bayless and Ryan McGushin team recently partnered with a Mechanical Contracting company to identify a Vice President of Construction for the company.

Of the three candidates, one finalist was chosen due to their deep knowledge of the industry and proximity to the office. The client was impressed by the candidate’s confidence in believing the new firm could be positioned to win large mechanical construction projects and was compelled to make the candidate an offer for the VP of Construction with the company.

The candidate accepted, feeling the company is on a growth trajectory, and has proven that with their private equity involvement.



Ryan McGushin has been with Nenni and Associates since February 2013. As an Account Executive, Team Lead, he focuses on talent acquisition, business development, and networking primarily in that area.

Sean Bayless is a Managing Partner for Nenni and Associates, leading business development and talent evaluation services in all areas of the HVAC market. An experienced senior manager, Sean manages key relationships with HVAC Manufacturers and Mechanical Contractors.

Sean Bayless, Managing Partner

Sean Bayless, Managing Partner