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What’s Your Why?



As a recruiter and client manager, I am often challenged with the “why”. Why work with you and the Nenni team?

I could go on about our database of industry professionals, our participation in industry organizations and strategic partnerships, our multi-pronged outreach approach and more. I would be happy to tell you that we have a larger and more diverse team of professionals then our competitors, and that we have proven time and time again our ability to overcome and perform on behalf of our clients, because it’s true. While these things are fantastic, and I genuinely believe they add value to our speed, access, and credibility, they really only aid us in doing what we really do best- Getting to and communicating the “Why”.

From a candidate experience perspective, our goal is to be able to articulate why this opportunity is different, is unique, is worth them uprooting their career and their life. We do this through truly understanding the competitive landscape, the macro and micro trends going on with the other “players” in the market. By understanding and ingraining ourselves amongst the talent pool and competitors, we are able to help our candidates identify an opportunity that is inherently different, inherently more suited to their goals and desires, not just another nametag to swap out.

From a client experience and success factor, our job is to first and foremost understand WHY the candidate is actually taking the call/meeting. Our job is to arm our clients with the information that is valuable, important, the true decision making criteria for this individual. Armed with this information, our client can truly drive to the heart and passion of the candidate, articulate and/or create an opportunity  that the dream candidate, the ever desired “A Player” will truly listen to.

When was the last time you articulated your “why”?


Written by:  Corey Kravitz