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Customizing Your Resume for Success

Customizing Your Resume for Success


If you’re active in the job market, applying for positions can be an exhausting process. It is far too often that we hear the phrase “I applied, but never heard back”. If you’ve ever fallen victim to this narrative, your resume was almost certainly glanced at briefly, then pushed aside. While understandably cumbersome, one of the best ways to overcome this difficulty is to spend a few extra minutes customizing your resume.

A resume is a great way to highlight your background, skills, and accomplishments but it is never “one size fits all”. In the ever-changing energy services industry, I frequently see new technologies, creative projects, and exciting trends. Some organizations put a great amount of value in having this knowledge and/or experience, but some would rather see the quantitative data that is more tangible. Let’s take into account what skills and accomplishments are going to be most important for a given job opportunity while still maintaining complete accuracy in your past employment.

Working with an experienced recruiter gives you a trusted resource and advantage in this process. As an industry specific recruiter, I’ve noticed that hiring managers show partiality towards a specific set of skills. I’ve also seen hiring managers dismiss qualified candidates because their resume was too laser focused on a skill set that was less relevant to the job at hand. Rather than rushing into applications and sending a generic resume to many organizations, leverage your resource of an executive recruiter that can coach you on resume customization. Everybody looks at a resume differently, are you confident that your resume will stand out on your next job application?

Written By:  Ryan McGushin