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Don’t Leave Your Resume On Ice


Skating past the screeners – When applying for opportunities, be mindful companies are likely using a screener to review resumes.  Whether this screener is a computer program, an individual or a search committee, chances are, they will be looking for key words and may reject your resume simply because those keywords aren’t found.  Additionally, screeners may not recognize undefined industry jargon, resulting in their potentially freezing you out of the search.

The little things – Ensure that the contact information associated with your online profile(s) and resume is accurate, current and consistent – if people can’t reach you, they may move on to the next person.  If dates, titles, company names, etc. don’t match between your social media and resume, it may leave them feeling cold about your application.

What makes you stand out? – Chances are, other individuals with similar backgrounds are applying for the same role – rather than a cold job description, heat things up by highlighting YOUR professional accomplishments – do you have an amazing tenure? Have you earned additional professional certifications, awards or special recognitions? Have you saved the company money, made a process more efficient, reduced workplace injuries, completed projects in-or-under budget, started or grown a territory or department, consistently met/exceeded your goals and quotas, designed something amazing or highly complex?  Showcase that.

What makes YOU the person they need – and want – to hire?

Written by Jeannine Szostak