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Energy Finance

Chief Financial Officer Search – Emerging Energy Finance Company

Recently, an emerging Energy Finance Company sought the assistance of Nenni & Associates and Jim Schafer to identify a Chief Financial Officer. Partnering with Energy Service Companies across the country, this role required a seasoned executive with a deep knowledge of the Energy Services Industry, as our client sought to improve and develop new financing structures and overall growth for the business. Our goal was to find candidates through our executive search process who showed substantial ability to create innovative financing for renewable energy projects.

As a result of Jim’s executive search with the CEO, and his diligent efforts throughout the interviewing process, three strong finalists were selected to continue, until eventually, the final candidate was chosen. This candidate was an ideal fit with extensive knowledge of the Energy Services Industry, but more importantly, they won over the entire team through a leadership style of collaboration, providing examples of how to challenge the CEO and board members to think differently, innovate, and grow. Ultimately, this final candidate, who was our client’s top choice, accepted a compelling offer to be the next CFO, which met financial expectations, career aspirations, and overall industry impact.


Jim Schafer, Managing Partner

Jim Schafer, Managing Partner

Jim Schafer is a Managing Partner for Nenni and Associates, specializing in the area of Energy Services and Energy Finance. Jim’s focus is on market intelligence and network development, consulting with clients to grow their organizations organically.