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Chief Operating Officer – Regional Energy Services

Through an existing client relationship, Nenni & Associates recently partnered with a Regional Energy Services Company that desired to scale their business. They currently serve four to five servicing states and intend to grow nationally. Nenni’s BTG team, Trevor Morrison, Sam Swafford, and Sean Bayless worked together to perform a search for the Chief Operations Officer for the ESCO, who would help lead the company during this exciting time of growth.

Finally, together with the Energy Services Company, and much deliberation, one candidate was chosen to fulfill the role of the Chief Operations Officer. The decision wasn’t an easy one with so many qualified candidates; however, in the end, the finalist communicated confidence, professionalism, and a capability of taking on the challenge of the issues that would inevitably arise during the scaling of a business. Just as important, this candidate was the perfect geographical and cultural fit with the company.

A generous offer was extended, and the candidate was compelled to accept the competitive compensation package. The ESCO offer met all of the candidate’s requirements and they were highly motivated and excited to begin their new journey as the COO of the company. They knew they were well-suited for the position and felt that together with the rest of the ESCO team, the scaling and growth of the business would be a success and an exciting path.


Sean Bayless is a Managing Partner for Nenni and Associates, leading business development and talent evaluation services in all areas of the HVAC market. Sean is an experienced senior manager who manages critical relationships with HVAC Manufacturers and Mechanical Contractors.

Trevor Morrison has been with Nenni and Associates since May 2013. As an Energy Services Account Executive, he manages and develops a client base comprising organizations in the energy solutions and sustainable infrastructure industries.

Sam Swafford has been with the Nenni and Associates team since April 2013. As an HVAC and Energy Account Executive, he manages and develops a client base heavily made up of HVAC/Mechanical Service providers. In 2017, Sam also took over responsibilities as Team Leader to establish a team of Account Managers.

Trevor Morrison, Senior Account Executive - Team Lead

Trevor Morrison, Senior Account Executive – Team Lead

Supporting Team

  • Sean BaylessManaging Partner

  • Sam SwaffordTeam Operations Manager