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Energy Retrofit

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer – Energy Retrofit Company

An established Energy Retrofit Company recently sought the assistance of Ryan McGushin, Account Executive at Nenni & Associates, to conduct an executive search for the purpose of identifying a Chief Sales & Marketing Officer. The role that the Energy Retrofit Company needed to fulfill, required an extensive background in sales leadership and knowledge and understanding of the Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Field, as well as an ability to bring structure and strategy to a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment. Our goal was to place an individual in the Chief Sales & Marketing Officer role, who would quickly implement a sales structure that pushed their team to capitalize on current and future opportunities by switching the team’s activities from defensive to offensive and actively pursuing change as the industry changes.

As a result of Ryan’s executive search and the partnership with our client, three finalists were selected for the role and the interview process continued until the final candidate was chosen. Although each candidate was a qualified professional, an offer was made to the executive who proved their willingness to roll up their sleeves and start contributing. They won over the client by quickly putting together a strategy for the company and showing a true passion and excitement for both the position and the Energy Efficiency Field. After careful consideration, the candidate accepted the offer and felt the role as Chief Sales & Marketing Officer with our client was an excellent choice due to its location, an alignment in values and culture, a deep interest in the industry, and a natural fit with the leadership team.

Ryan McGushin, Senior Account Executive - Team Lead

Ryan McGushin, Senior Account Executive – Team Lead

Ryan McGushin has been with Nenni and Associates since February of 2013. As an Account Executive for Lighting and Energy Solutions, he focuses on talent acquisition, business development, and networking primarily in that area.