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Nenni and Associates works on strategic and retained searches, as well as with individual top talent in the industry. Resumes are not enough to select talented candidates because they merely reflect ‘what we do at work’.  The right choice is determined by how well the individual with the right professional background will fit into the organizational culture and respective team.  A superstar who doesn’t work well with others can implode an otherwise productive team. The real value derived from a new hire is not only a function of what they produce after they join your company, but also how they affect the production of those around them.

We look more deeply at partner organization, taking into account:

  • Your corporate culture.
  • The challenges within your organization.
  • The opportunities and landscape of the industry
  • Understanding the type of candidates that will help lead your organization to success.

Different than the traditional recruiting model, Nenni and Associates utilizes a team-based approach in all aspects of the relationship. Visit our pages on Executive Search and Consulting to inquire more about how we can partner with your organization in these services. We pride ourselves on representing the best talent in the industry, and are working with candidates on a daily basis to get them placed where they are the most productive. If you are looking for a specific role to be filled and would like to see if we have anyone in our current database, please inquire!

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