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Leadership Profiling Design and Development

Intentional development of leaders sets the stage for collaborative buy-in, close-knit alignment, and sustained performance in any growing business. This investment in leaders directly impacts overall retention and job satisfaction of the business, and that culture is infectious throughout the rest of the company. To win in any size organization, leaders need both assimilation into the organization’s leadership culture and their developmental acceleration in order to be truly accepted as a collaborative team member.

Spherical Consulting tailors professional learning solutions that fit your organizational culture, align your leaders, and empower them to make key changes that affect the bottom line. We collaboratively identify internal and external opportunities and challenges, and design customized solutions and recommendations to enable leaders to avoid unnecessary risks and potential derailment.

Our aim is to empower your senior leadership to understand, catalyze, and drive culture change, and set the example of what true organization collaboration looks like within the company.