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Growing Partnerships

Propelling Futures

Growing Partnerships

Propelling Futures


Michael Nenni, CEO

Michael Nenni discovered a passion as an entrepreneur early in his career when he found his desire to help others as they faced cross-roads in their lives. Michael developed and honed a unique skill set allowing him to identify innate strengths and weaknesses in individuals and coach them to find ...read more

Meghan Pinter, Director of Administration

Meghan started with Nenni and Associates in July 2018.  Meghan grew up in Lake Zurich, Il and moved to Sycamore 10+ years ago with her husband and daughter.  Meghan is working on getting her Marketing and Management Degree. mpinter@nenniandassoc.com  

Jim Schafer, Managing Partner

Jim Schafer is a Managing Partner for Nenni and Associates, specializing in the area of Lighting and Lighting Services. Jim’s focus is on market intelligence and network development, consulting with clients to grow their organizations organically. Expertise Jim leads a team that focuses on the development of partnerships with both mid-sized and ...read more

Corey Kravitz, Managing Partner

Corey Kravitz is a Managing Partner with Nenni & Associates, where he currently manages sales and account management within Energy Services, and Building Automation. In addition, he leads account management efforts for strategic accounts, developing strong relationships with clients to aid in personnel planning and organizational development. Expertise Since joining the company ...read more

Sean Bayless, Managing Partner

Sean Bayless is a Managing Partner for Nenni and Associates, where he leads business development and talent evaluation services in all areas of the HVAC market. An experienced senior manager, Sean is responsible for managing key relationships with HVAC Manufacturers and Mechanical Contractors. Expertise Sean leads a team who has an extensive ...read more

Trevor Morrison, HVAC & Energy Senior Account Executive

Trevor Morrison has been with Nenni and Associates since May of 2013. As a HVAC and Energy Account Executive, he manages and develops a client base that is made up of organizations in the mechanical service industry as well as the fire and life safety industry. Experise Trevor has been successfully recruiting ...read more

Ryan McGushin, Lighting & Energy Account Executive

Ryan McGushin has been with Nenni and Associates since February of 2013. As an Account Executive for Lighting and Energy Solutions, he focuses on talent acquisition, business development, and networking primarily in that area. Expertise Ryan has been successful recruiting and developing new business with ESCOs, Electrical Contractors, LED Manufacturers and various ...read more

Sam Swafford, HVAC & Energy Account Executive

Sam Swafford has been with the Nenni and Associates team since April of 2013. As a HVAC and Energy Account Executive, he manages and develops a client base heavily made up of HVAC/Mechanical Service providers. In 2017, Sam also took over responsibilities as Research Manager in order to develop further ...read more

Jeannine Szostak, Account Manager

Jeannine's role within Nenni has grown from research analyst to someone who helps the company as a whole and the individual teams with overall efficiency with fresh organizational ideas.  While still involved with candidate sourcing for our clients, she has also undertaken the responsibilities of our internal hiring needs and ...read more

Angelica Alcaraz, Account Manager

Angelica Alcaraz is a senior communication studies major at Northern Illinois University. Her emphasis is in organizational corporate theory and is taking courses to fulfill a minor in Spanish and in Marketing. Bachelor of Arts is to be completed May 2019. At Northern Illinois University Angelica is a member of the ...read more